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May 3, 2012 by Onklifiziert
there is a new update available for displayfusion. there are pretty cool new features.

you can have an alternate start menu for the displayfusion taskbar:

and you have now tray icons in your secondary taskbar and jumplists for the taskbar buttons.

but the greatest feature is, when you use the wallpaper option (especially the wallpaper changer) in displayfusion, aero colors can now be set based on the current wallpaper.

..and it's windows 8 ready!
May 3, 2012 by Onklifiziert
hey folks,

i have a little problem with cursorfx. when i enable it i have no cursor in most of my games.

does anyone else have these problems? i hope it will be fixed 'cause i don't want to disable cursorfx when i want to play a game.




May 23, 2011 by Onklifiziert
Hi folks,

i saw a video for a couple of days and i wanted to create an effect like in the vid below.

I'm a Pinnacle user (Pinnalce Studio 14 Ultimate) but the program can't do the effect. So, i downloaded the test-version of Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 because i read that this program can do this effect but i didn't find a good tutorial how to create it. There are some YouTube Videos but they are not good enough - or maybe it's me?!

I want to edit some of my in-...
March 27, 2011 by Onklifiziert
Hey guys,

I bought Bulletstorm a few days ago and finished the singleplayer campaign. It's one of the greatest shooters i've ever played. It's pure fun. The new kill with skill feature is amazing. It's fun to use the leash and kick the enemies and shoot 'em while in slow motion.

And then there is the blood symphony: with one kick you kill enemies or you can kill 'em with style     -> damn there is so much blood!  

The K.I. is pretty good for...